December: IWTA Newsletter Suspended, IWTA Website to Continue

IWTA will suspend publication of its free, monthly email Newsletter at the close of 2018. The Newsletter began publication in July 2012, and with your input & support, has grown to 1300 subscribers. Thank you!

We will continue to maintain the IWTA Website & Online Calendar in support of our mission to “facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and encouragement among Iowans working to create, enhance, or utilize our water trails.” We encourage you to continue forwarding announcements, adds, & corrections to links & events to help maintain the value & “freshness” of the website and calendar.

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Gregg Stark, IWTA Editor

We continue to stress that Iowa Water Trails are not just for paddlers. Although paddlers are among the most visible & most frequent WT users, we would like to hear more from those of you who pursue archaeology, history, geology, angling, birding, photography, biology, etc. in any way related to our WTs. The cooler months are a good time to draw the public to indoor events focus on any of these. Please contact us if you have an event, activity, or new special interest group to publicize.

It’s time to gather cold weather emergency gear in your vehicle. A few items can be very useful to you or others when facing a night in the vehicle, being stuck in a drift, or assisting an ice rescue. Among the items to consider are a shovel, jug of sand, sleeping bag, throw line, PFD, energy snacks, water, extra hats & gloves.