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  • July Brings a Caution, Variable Weather, Plus “Interactive Iowa Paddling Map Tips”

    CAUTION: Stay Clear of South Skunk River Near Hannums Mill Dam; Portage Around Dam Has Washed Out!  Read the details in the July 1 IWTA Newsletter in our Newsletter Archive.

    Learn some “Interactive Iowa Paddling Map Tips” in the most recent “SPECIAL” IWTA Email in the News archive The interactive map was recently updated, and these tips will get you started using the new features.

    It’s July in Iowa, and the Water Trails are calling. Could there be a better time to take a break and treat yourself to some all-natural stress relief?

    Mother Nature is giving us an interesting mixture of heavy-but-scattered storms, resulting in an interesting mixture of high/low water levels, standing water, and some spots in the state indicating drought! Water levels in the Iowa Great Lakes are over two feet above crest, topping docks, damaging shorelines, causing officials to issue a 600 ft no wake zone to minimize erosion and property damage.

    Some folks believe that the name “Iowa” is derived from an Indian term for “beautiful land.” Some suspect that it actually meant “variable weather.”

    Plan ahead, check river gages, paddle with a partner(s), use proper gear, use common sense, enjoy yourself.

  • June, Water Trails Calling, Kids and Life Jackets

    We noticed that it has been 10 years since Iowa implemented its requirement that children under age 13 must WEAR a life jacket while underway on a recreational vessel. When preparing to go out on a vessel, first check that the legally required equipment is on board.

    • All vessels must have at least one USCG-approved wearable Type I, II, III, or V life jacket for each person on board. In addition to the above requirement, one USCG-approved throwable Type IV flotation device must be on board vessels 16 feet or longer except canoes or kayaks.
    • Children Must Wear Life Jackets. While underway on a recreational vessel on any Iowa waters, a child under 13 years old must wear a USCG-approved life jacket unless the child is in an enclosed cabin or below deck or is a passenger on a commercial vessel with a capacity of 25 people or more.
    • Life jackets must have a legible USCG approval tag and be  in good & servicable condition, readily accessible, & of the proper size for the intended wearer.

    It’s June in Iowa, and our Water Trails are calling (as water levels allow). Could there be a better time to treat yourself to some all-natural stress reliever?  The second-half-of-June calendar is full of WT-related events and activities, with plenty more scheduled throughout the summer. Check out our most recent IWTA Newsletter and the IWTA Events Calendar.