Dams, Then and Now!

Littleton Dam and Mill, 1800’s.  Wapsipinicon River, Buchanan County 
Photo Credits to Robert Ungs 


Dams have had their place in Iowa history. Originally built out of timbered wood, they were used to power various mills such as flour, gristmills and sawmills. Their power was later harnessed for hydro-electric needs and timber was replaced with concrete structures.

Most dams have seen their value depleted and a need for removal due to age, human safety and are a barrier for fish reproduction and do create a decline in vulnerable mussel species.
Some municipal water supplies are assisted by dams as well as some recreational pools. By and large however, dams have served their purposes long ago and rivers can be set free to their original wild and natural ways.


Littleton Dam removal:  winter, 2019. Photo Credits to Iowa DNR 

Littleton Dam:  summer, 2019. Conversion, currently in process. 
Photo Credits to Pam Wolter