Kayak Paddle, How to Narrow Down Your Choice

How to choose? When trying out a potential new paddle here are some considerations to improve your purchase of the “best fit” paddle for you.

  • Practice using assorted paddles at a demo event
  • Use good posture to practice
  • Practice the torso twist as if you were paddling your kayak
  • Use proper hand positioning
  • Figure out if you are a high-angle paddler (hold hands above shoulder height) use a shorter. paddle or a low- angle paddler (hold hands below shoulder height) use a longer paddle
  • Decide on composition: Choices…plastic, wood or carbon using price considerations, weight and aesthetics
  • Blade size? Will you need to move a lot of water?
  • Consult a manufacturers chart using your torso height rather than general height. It can make a huge difference.
  • Consider feathering options for wind considerations
  • Consider shaft diameter depending on hand size. Do you have small hands? Use a smaller diameter shaft for grip comfort and less tiring paddling.

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