Paddling Solo in a Tandem Canoe

You see it all the time. Someone paddling solo in a tandem canoe with the bow high in the air like the boat’s doing a big wheelie. There’s a better way.

Not only does a canoe wheelie look funny, it takes twice the effort to move the canoe along when a solo paddler occupies the stern seat. It only takes one step to remedy the situation.

Before getting into the canoe, simply flip the ends around so what once was the bow is now the stern, and the former stern is now the bow.

Notice the change in seat positions. Now the stern seat is farther forward, more
toward the center of the canoe. No more canoe wheelies! Place your gear in the front of the canoe (the new bow) and the canoe should have a nice level trim as you paddle merrily along.

If you’re new to paddling a canoe solo, I’ll wager you’re going to love it enough that
you may never want to paddle tandem again.

Some words to live by: “Love many. Trust a few. Always paddle your own canoe.”

Courtesy of Guest Author, Flip Putthoff