How to Conduct a Shuttle


How to set and run a shuttle: 

One of the most common shuttles involves two or more vehicles. Here’s a quick guide to how to do this.

1. Drive all the vehicles, people, boats and gear to the top of the river or paddling run.

2. Unload boats  and gear

3. Designate one car to be the ‘shuttle’ car. This will be the car that will return back to this car park / point and stay there until you have finished your trip.

4. Place everyone’s warm dry clothes for the end of the trip in the other vehicles so they are ready at the end of your run and you don’t pack a dry bag

5. Drive all the vehicles to the bottom of the river.

Make sure you know where the best take out point on the river is to get to these vehicles. Plan ahead so you don’t get stuck.

6. Use the shuttle car to drive all the drivers back to the top of the run.

7. Go kayaking. Make sure you take all the keys with you and secure them safely to your person (not the boats) in waterproof cases or bags or PFD pocket.

8. Finish the trip.

9. Use one vehicle to drive the shuttle car’s driver back to his / her car.

10. Drive back to the finish and reload all people and gear into the correct vehicles.

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