April Brings A Lot More Than Just Showers

Our great blue heron arrived back in the neighborhood just before dark on the evening of March 23. He awkwardly fought the blustery winds, swooping close to our window before regaining control to reach the shelter of trees along the nearby creek. Within 24 hours, the ground was covered by over 8 inches of snow, with 40 mph gusts creating occasional drifts up to 2 feet. Do you think migrating birds are capable of experiencing regret? –your editor

April is famous for its showers, and this month’s IWTA Newsletter is a veritable downpour of events and information. Iowa taxes are due this month, so keep the Chickadee Checkoff in mind. Free demo paddles, marsh paddles, and a refuge paddle are blooming, along with the  opportunity to “Cross the Delaware”. Event reschedules include the (now) Apr 12 Iowa DNR Free Outfitter Training and Apr 21-22 IWC Kayak Paddling Class. And watch your local media for Earth Day events the weekend of Apr 21-22.

On the information side, check out a brief interesting video, a reopened AmeriCorps grant opportunity, outdoor photography items, Iowa Trails Summit progress, Voyageurs Canoe programming, Dragon Boat Racing schedule, Citizen Water Quality Scientists, a new paddleshop coming to Cedar Rapids, and more.