Aug 2017 The MIGHTY 1400 !!!

THE MIGHTY 1400 !!!   Back in January, we shared a goal of increasing IWTA Newsletter subscribers from 1315 to over 1400 in 2017.    Last week we hit 1402.

Credit for breaking the 1400 goal goes to all of you who contributed in a variety of ways. Many of you shared your Newsletter with friends, or directly encouraged them to subscribe. Some of you included a “plug” for the IWTA on your websites or in your own newsletters. Some of you spoke up to praise the Newsletter at various events or to members of groups with parallel interests. And some of you provided the information which gives the Newsletter its value. Whatever the means or method, your contributions are deeply appreciated.

Congratulations to us all, & may the IWTA continue to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and encouragement among Iowans working to develop, enhance, or utilize our water trails.