AUGUST, Celebrating 1300 IWTA Newsletter Subscribers!

We are very pleased and proud to announce that our IWTA Newsletter subscriber list recently topped 1300 email addresses!  If you are not part of the “informed 1300,” you can subscribe to this free, email monthly newsletter by clicking on

Zero to 1300 in 4 years: Our first IWTA Newsletter issue was July of 2012. Here we are, 4 years and 48 Newsletters later, with 1300 subscribers. Sustaining and growing the IWTA Newsletter was made possible by your support, input, ideas, and encouragement. Sharing your event info, and encouraging friends to subscribe will helps us continue this growth.

August is a busy part of the summer. Check out the items and events in the newsletter and on the Events Calendar of this website, and get out there before the kids head back to school. We must add a word of caution that water levels on some WTs are unseasonably high. Check river levels before you head out.