Cold Iowa Winter Drives Reflection & Planning

Iowa winter, and the unusually cold temperatures encourage us to reflect on past paddling adventures. . . and plan for future ones. Whether you are reading, googling, or preparing to attend a paddling show, we wish you pleasant dreams. We also hope to visit with you at the Feb 9-11 CSO Paddlesport Expo in Indianola, or at the Feb 24 ICNC Paddle Day in Cedar Rapids.

We encourage you to visit the IWTA Website 2018 Events Calendar to review over 100 indoor & outdoor events, holidays, observances, astronomical occurrences, etc.–a great resource of things to plan for, or plan around, as you develop your WT programming for 2018. Your additions and corrections are always welcome.

The Mid Mo January Newsletter issue includes the 2018 Full Moon Schedule AND the 2018 Meteor Shower Schedule. Both can be useful for planning astronomy events, evening outings, floats or camping trips.  Also in the Newsletter:

  • The Iowa Legislature is now in session, so check our item for dates, link to ID your legislator & contact info, signups for email updates.
  • We hope you enjoy the 115 history, highlights, and trivia items in the updated “Iowa Paddling Chronology.” Thanks to all who made contributions and corrections.
  • The recent really cold weather has grown some serious ice on many Iowa lakes, but please read our item on “Ice Safety Reminders” from the Iowa DNR.