Iowa’s Water Trails and Iowa’s Heritage are inextricably linked, from the fossil record, through prehistory, Native American history, pioneer history, and into the modern era. Iowa waterways have provided humans with food, water, transportation, and power over hundreds of years. They have determined the location of villages, mills, bridges, and cities. They have facilitated the development of trade routes, industries, and economies.

Recent programs, sponsored by County Conservation Boards or other organizations, and facilitated by the Office of the State Archaeologist, have tapped into Iowans’ deep interest in their heritage. From fossil & arrow head collectors to historians to pioneer genealogists, we want to know more about the life and lives of earlier residents of the land now called Iowa.

Funding for Iowa heritage programming has just suffered a blow, and you can help. To learn more about the immediate impacts of the funding cut, actions you can initiate, and the short and long term initiatives being undertaken, visit

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