June, Water Trails Calling, Kids and Life Jackets

We noticed that it has been 10 years since Iowa implemented its requirement that children under age 13 must WEAR a life jacket while underway on a recreational vessel. When preparing to go out on a vessel, first check that the legally required equipment is on board.

  • All vessels must have at least one USCG-approved wearable Type I, II, III, or V life jacket for each person on board. In addition to the above requirement, one USCG-approved throwable Type IV flotation device must be on board vessels 16 feet or longer except canoes or kayaks.
  • Children Must Wear Life Jackets. While underway on a recreational vessel on any Iowa waters, a child under 13 years old must wear a USCG-approved life jacket unless the child is in an enclosed cabin or below deck or is a passenger on a commercial vessel with a capacity of 25 people or more.
  • Life jackets must have a legible USCG approval tag and be  in good & servicable condition, readily accessible, & of the proper size for the intended wearer.

It’s June in Iowa, and our Water Trails are calling (as water levels allow). Could there be a better time to treat yourself to some all-natural stress reliever?  The second-half-of-June calendar is full of WT-related events and activities, with plenty more scheduled throughout the summer. Check out our most recent IWTA Newsletter and the IWTA Events Calendar.