Mid September River Levels Unusually Variable

Some Iowa rivers have returned to normal levels, while others are still moving in that direction. The recent heavy rains, high water levels, and strong currents may have altered some channels, and may have created new sweepers, log jams, or other hazards. We understand that many of you are anxious to enjoy some fall paddling, but be certain your river is ready for paddlers, and be alert for changes along that river.

As we notified you last week, some events had to be canceled due to high water levels. Normal levels have returned to rivers in the north and west areas of Iowa, and levels continue to lower on rivers in the south and east. Depending on the size of their watershed, some rivers drop faster than others, and the longer and larger rivers take longer to clear.

River levels are receding toward normal levelsBirds are migrating. Monarchs are migrating. It’s September in Iowa, a great month to maximize our Iowa Water Trails visits by land or water. Mother Nature continues to alter our plans with occasional storms and fluctuating water levels, but we persevere.