November Transitions Water Trail Activities

Mother Nature has spared us from more of that ongoing rain, rivers are receding to more normal levels, and farmers are harvesting where drainage allows. Warm-weather paddlers may hope to receive one more day suitable for a float. Drysuit paddlers continue on, and may already looking forward to a New Year’s Day float. In either case please observe safety guidelines for cold water/cold weather paddling.

November is a good time to gather cold weather emergency gear in your vehicle. A few items can be very useful to you or others when facing a night in the vehicle, being stuck in a drift, or assisting an ice rescue. Among the items to consider are a shovel, jug of sand, sleeping bag, throw line, PFD, energy snacks, extra hats & gloves.

Additional items for your November Checklist might include  Nov 4, Set clocks back 1 hour; Nov 4, Replace smoke alarm batteries; Nov 6, VOTE!; Nov 11-12, Fly our flag for Veterans Day; Check tire pressure due to lower temps; Winterize lawnmower; Test snowblower; Disconnect & drain outdoor hoses; and Ensure there is no water in your boats!