February is the “Anticipation” Phase of Enjoying Water Trails.

February may not be your favorite time to visit a Water Trail, but it is a good time to visit with paddler friends, drop by the local paddler shop, broadcast wildflower seed which requires stratification, follow the efforts of the Iowa legislature, capture some winter photos, and (special reminder to guys) remember Valentine’s Day!

The February email IWTA Newsletter has been issued.  If you did not receive a copy, click on the “Newsletter” page to enter your free subscription or visit the Newsletter Archive.  Enter your new subscription by Feb 15, and we’ll forward the Feb IWTA Newsletter directly to your email address.

Among the many items in the February IWTA Newsletter:

  • IWTA 2015 Planning Calendar PDF.
  • Links to what IWTA Newsletter Readers are Reading & Writing.
  • Link to complete results of the recent Newsletter Survey to use in preparing your own surveys.
  • Paddler shows, conferences, photography workshops in February-March.
  • Training classes for paddlers, water & wildlife monitors.
  • Raising Chickadee awareness for tax season.
  • And, the Quizzes!

We invite you to share your ideas and opinions in our new “Future of IWTA” survey:

Future of IWTA Survey

Spring is coming, keep the faith. Think of February as the “anticipation” phase of enjoying Water Trails.