In April, Our Focus Shifts From Indoors to Outdoors.

April is when our focus shifts from indoors to outdoors, from video presentations to live participations, from store shopping to demonstration paddles, from planning to doing. It’s farewell to salt and shovels, hello to paddles, boats, and Water Trails!  Please note that the IWTA Events Calendar (click on “Events” tab) has been updated through July 2015, including new events, date changes, and cancellations.

Check out the April IWTA Newsletter for information on paddling events, canoe and kayak on-water demonstrations, an updated 2015 IWTA Paddler Planning Calendar, paddler classes, recognition of the IRR River Town and River City of the Year, our “Where Is It?” and “What Is It” quizzes, and more.

Newsletter subscribers can also look forward to a special IWTA Newsletter bonus issue in their email inboxes in early April.  This photo review will highlight some of the events which IWTA (and many of you) attended Jan-Mar 2015.

Please remember that it’s the start of spring, not summer. The ice is out, the sunshine is inviting, but the water temperatures are still cold, and a combination of wind and rain can quickly lead to hypothermia. File a float plan, dress appropriately, carry energy foods, and paddle with friends.

Please be careful out there!

We have enjoyed visiting with our readers at various events so far in 2015, and hope that some of you will stop by the Apr 19 Jones County Earth Day Fair in Anamosa. Your positive comments about IWTA and the IWTA Newsletter are much appreciated. We hope to visit with more of you at various events or on the Water Trails in the coming months.