MARCH, & Spring Brings More Events & Activities

The March IWTA Newsletter includes numerous events and announcements relating to Water Trails, watersheds, and the folks who care about our Iowa waterways. Whether you want to learn about, advocate for, or paddle through our waterways, we hope you find some items of interest as we transition from winter to spring. The next paddler shows will be Canoecopia March 11-13 in Madison, WI, followed by the renamed April 2 Outdoor Adventure Fest in Waterloo. Consult the website Events Calendar for these and other opportunities. Access Current and Recent IWTA Newsletters:

Astronomical spring begins on March 19, and while we may start experiencing warmer air temperatures, water temperatures will continue to present the risk of hypothermia. Proper training, a PFD, necessary gear, a float plan, and the buddy system are especially important for winter paddling. Be careful out there.