May Is When Mother Nature Unleashes the Forces of Spring Growth.

May is the month when Mother Nature unleashes the forces of spring growth. The bare limbs and naked bluffs disappear behind a cloak of green. Migratory songbirds and waterfowl appear, some simply passing through, others to share our Iowa summer. Paddle craft escape the confines of garages, happily riding on roof racks, like a dog with its head out the car window.

Our Water Trails are welcoming us back, and the May issue of the IWTA Newsletter is full of evidence. Check out all of the events and other opportunities across Iowa. Most are also listed on the “Events” tab of this website.

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Whether you prefer to join in an organized event, or simply gather a small group for an informal outing, it’s time to get out there and enjoy our Water Trails.

We do our best to continually update the events listed in the IWTA Website “Events” tab, in the IWTA Newsletters, and in the “IWTA 2015 Planning Calendar” PDF listed in the “Quick Links.”  Please email any cancellations, date changes, or new event additions to us at

We have already had one paddling fatality in Iowa this season. Remember to wear your PFD, paddle with others, know your capabilities, and file a float plan.  Please be careful out there!