NOVEMBER, the Other Transition Month

It’s November in Iowa, so yes, we’re slipping toward winter, but we will still have some warm days. November, like March, is a “transition month,” offering a mix of warm sunshine, rain and cold, clear and dry, and certainly the possibility of snow flakes. It’s just a matter of choosing the right day for the right activity.

Photographers can still find pockets of fall color, or a mixture of color and black and white. Mother nature reveals more of our topography and geological features, and animals may become more visible.

At this time of year, there isn’t much in the way of WT paddling events on the events calendar, but there are a number of conferences and workshops of interest to our readers. We would particularly like to publicize any archaeology, history, wildlife, or other indoor programs you are scheduling, especially those which might relate to Iowa Water Trails.

For a small percentage of paddlers, those properly prepared with the necessary gear and skills, the paddling season continues year round. If you want to learn more about how to safely paddle when icicles are forming on your paddle, we recommend contacting paddle shops (such as CanoeSports Outfitters or CrawDaddy Outdoors) or the more experienced paddlers within organized groups (Central Iowa Paddlers, Skunk River Paddlers, Cedar Valley Paddlers). While not for everyone, the challenge of cold weather or winter paddling provides special experiences in a unique environment, and another way to enjoy our Iowa WTs.

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