SEPTEMBER, and We’re Contemplating All the Water Trailing We Intended To Do.

The occasional few days of cooler weather reminds procrastinators that Iowa’s summer season is drawing to a close. Fortunately, the coming fall colors will provide one of the most enjoyable times of the year to visit our Iowa Water Trails.

Todd Robertson, Glenn Harmon, and John Wenck, instructors in the Iowa DNR Canoe and Kayak Classes, recently updated their canoe instructor certifications for another 4 years. They and several others demonstrated their paddling and safety skills during a weekend session on the Winnebago and Shell Rock rivers. We encourage paddlers at all levels to include skills development in the mix with recreation, fishing, photography, adventure, or just having fun on the water. Whether it’s taking some time to focus on improving your strokes, participating in an organized class, joining in winter pool sessions, learning basic rescue techniques, or attending spring refreshers, you will become a more efficient, confident, and safer paddler. You will also find yourself becoming a greater asset to your paddling group.

The busy calendar continues, with a variety of day paddling trips, cleanups, training sessions, family events, and volunteer opportunities. And note that WT paddling events are scheduled well into October.

Iowa weather seems to include one surprise after another, and 9 inches of rain in a watershed both is a surprise, and can cause additional surprises on area streams. As always — Please be careful out there! Remember to wear your PFD, paddle with others, know your capabilities, and file a float plan.

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