Welcome to 2018! And a Very Cold Beginning to the New Year.

So many events, so much to do, we hardly know where to start. Paddling or angling skills development, perhaps?

Progress report–IWTA is currently at 1450 suscribers, an excellent start toward reaching 1500 sometime in 2018.

The Jan 1 IWTA Newsletter issue includes the 2018 Full Moon Schedule–great opportunities for scheduling floats and hikes, astronomy and history events. Not a likely paddling opportunity, but note the two full moons in January.

The Iowa Legislature convenes on Jan 8, so check our Newsletter item for dates, link to ID your legislator & contact info, signups for email updates.

Nominations are now closed, but watch for the Iowa Rivers Revival “River Town of the Year” award announcement, coming soon.

We hope you enjoy the history, highlights, and trivia in the updated “Iowa Paddling Chronology 2017.” Special thanks to all who made contributions and corrections.

The last few days of really cold weather have grown some serious ice on many Iowa lakes, but please read our Newsletter item on”Ice Safety Reminders” from the Iowa DNR.

Please keep those 2018 WT-related events and dates coming. We’re building the annual planning calendar, including events in this Newsletter, and will have them posted to the IWTA Website within the next couple of weeks.

If you are looking for 2018 event ideas, we suggest that you check out the IWTA Calendar and back issues of the IWTA Newsletter, both found on the IWTA Website.