JANUARY, and Lots of Info in the Newsletter

You would expect January to be a bit slow, but the Jan 1, 2017 Newsletter is filled with indoor & outdoor events, pool sessions, eagle watches, nominations, IDNR grants, a photo award, an essay contest, winter safety, natural resources, IPTV shows, career advancement, a retirement, livery owner training, paddlefishing, and the opening Iowa legislative session. We hope that you find the variety of items interesting and useful.

Your help will be critical to achieving two goals in 2017:

  1. Increase our IWTA Newsletter subscribers from 1315 to 1400 (about 7%).
  2. Ensure subscribers actually READ the Newsletter by including items which are interesting, entertaining, & of value.

Please let your friends and neighbors know about the IWTA Newsletter & Website, and keep your newsletter relevant by forwarding your events, ideas, and concerns.                           Contact us at  iowawta@gmail.com