About IWTA

The Iowa Water Trails Association published its first email IWTA Newsletter in July 2012.   The Website was created in June 2014. Facebook was added in February 2019. 

The Mission of the Iowa Water Trails Association is to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and encouragement among Iowans working to develop, enhance, or utilize our water trails. Although we have grown to over 1,300 subscribers (2019), the true success of the IWTA will be measured by how much we share, how much we learn, and how much we contribute to improving the Water Trails experience across our state.

The Iowa Water Trails Association Newsletter is a free, monthly email publication to assist people who develop, support, or utilize our Iowa water trails. Each issue highlights upcoming WT events, summarizes the results and lessons-learned of completed WT events, and features articles of interest to those trying to spark broadened awareness, participation, and involvement with their local Water Trails.

The IWTA is not just for paddlers. In addition to the expected recreational floats and stream cleanups, the IWTA Newsletter shares events and activities relating to history, culture, conservation, youth education, watershed management, and a variety of sciences.

At its heart, the newsletter is a vehicle for members of the Water Trails community to share their successes and failures, concepts and ideas, recognition and support. And, the information is wrapped in a nice package of highlights, helpful links, and plenty of photos.

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