DECEMBER, time to embrace the reality of winter.

Maybe it’s time to drop the optimism about expecting a few more warm days, and face the reality that it’s December in Iowa? The prerequisites of proper training, necessary gear, a paddle plan, and the buddy system are especially important for winter paddling. Cold weather, cold water paddling is a unique challenge and experience, but the risks must be managed. Be careful out there.

We’re pleased to report that during the Nov 13 Cedar River Watershed Coalition Meeting in Cedar Falls, your IWTA Newsletter received numerous compliments regarding our efforts to disseminate information about “all things river” throughout the state. There are apparently quite a few newsletter readers in that group, and we likely added a few more.

The IWTA moves toward the end of another successful year with well over 1200 IWTA Newsletter subscribers. With a little help from existing readers–forwarding, sharing, and recommending–we could soon hit the 1300 mark.

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